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The Illinois Kids Campaign is a grassroots coalition made up of more than 350 schools and organizations from every corner of the state. Parents, guardians, teachers, communities, businesses, labor organizations, and many others support this effort to give kids the best education possible. The coalition has united to make a difference in the lives of Illinois children.

Math can be fun for kids, especially when they are engaged in activities that allow them to explore and discover mathematical concepts on their own. In Illinois, there are a variety of ways to make math enjoyable for children. For example, The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is an awesome place to take kids for educational fun. It offers interactive programs such as Math Fun-damentals which teaches basic adding, subtracting and multiplying skills through a variety of creative activities.

The DuPage Children's Museum also holds engaging math classes targeted at younger children aged 3- 6 years old. Through playful games like counting coins or using the museum exhibit scale, the classes provide hands-on learning experiences that engage children while introducing them to different elements of mathematics.

Finally, parents or educators may consider online resources such as Khan Academy Kids or Brighterly - math for children which offer comprehensive curricula specifically designed with K–8 students in mind by combining content from multiple subject areas such as math , language arts , science , and movies . Both websites offer adaptive learning technology which helps create personalized learning plans tailored towards each student’s needs allowing them to learn at their own pace . There are also many more free educational resources available online which can help make math engaging and fun for kids!