What is Invest In Kids?

Invest In Kids will benefit every child in Illinois through awarding scholarships, investing in the infrastructure of schools and providing teachers with tax relief for the supplies they are personally buying for our kids.

Where will the money go?

The money will be divided into four main categories: tax credits for school teachers, financial support for music, arts and sports programs, scholarships for students to attend private and public schools and funds to repair crumbling school infrastructure.

As a parent or guardian why should I support this idea?

This is a historic step in our effort to provide Illinois children with high quality education options without raising property taxes. This allows parents and guardians to have a hand in deciding the best school for their child and begins to equalize education opportunities regardless of income or geography.

My kids go to a public school, why would this help me?

Every child will benefit from Invest In Kids. For example: children attending public schools will benefit from additional resources made available for non-core but critical education opportunities such as music, arts and sports programs. Parents and guardians would also see an increase in the tax credit for education related expenses.

My kids go to a parochial school; will this help cover my tuition?

Yes. Scholarships can be used for students to attend independent and parochial schools. This provides much needed support for parents and guardians with kids enrolled in a parochial school but are struggling financially to keep their children in their existing schools.

How do I apply to the program and when will it start?

This proposal is currently being considered by the General Assembly. To ensure this legislation becomes law we need your help, click here to contact your legislator.

I live in Southern Illinois, is this just a Chicago program?

No. This program supports all Illinois students providing access to high quality education regardless of geographic location. Specific safeguards will be in place to ensure that students across the state have access to these needed funds.